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Heshan is a residence for men.


An ordered living environment, the pursuit of excellence in our professions and studies, and courtesy and concern in our mutual dealings are some of the values that unite us.


If you want the best environment to focus in your studies, Heshan is your place!

”Women are called to bring to the family, to society and to the Church, traits which are their own and which they alone can give—their gentle warmth and untiring generosity, their love for detail, their quick-wittedness and intuition, their simple and deep piety, their constancy. … A woman’s femininity is genuine only if she is aware of the beauty of this contribution for which there is no substitute—and if she incorporates it into her own life.”

--- St. Josemaria in Conversations, 14 and 87.


We use St. Nicholas Church in Pinglin as a venue for spiritual retreats. It is located in New Taipei City.


We all need some time away from our busy schedules. We believe that the best way to rest is to examine the quality of our lives and how we value the world around us. This is the objective of the retreats, seminars and workshops that we organize amidst the relaxed and pleasant environment of Pinglin Retreat House.

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